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Vienna is undeniably one of Europe’s most sustainable fashion-forward cities, all thanks to some fashion influencers. Popular among these influencers is Brandanjosh. If you have even a passing interest in fashion and are looking for the next big thing in both the worlds of street wear and upcycling fashion, you may have heard about Brandanjosh. It is nothing short of revolutionary for the very established and longstanding industry of fashion.

Fashion Influencer’s Biography

Born Brandan De Silva in Lower Austria, he has always been driven to take a unique approach to solving problems. As the supreme source of his creativity, Brandan discovered the Lego kit. One by one, over and over, he would reassemble this toy as a child. His desire to pursue more creative subjects during his education was thwarted by the social pressure to “always feel obligated to study something proper, thus I graduated from the HTL in structural engineering.” He claimed that his career goal had been to become an architect. But after studying HTL and working with Zara and COS, he had a completely different perspective on life. Brandan now cares deeply about environmental protection, sustainable fashion and detests overconsumption of garment. 

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